News / 22 March 2023

Is Artstation Marketplace dead? (FAB)

Artstation Just Announced

which will merge Arstation Marketplace, Sketcfab, UE Marketplace, and Quixel Megascanes into one, big Market

and the First question of course "What will be with Artstation Marketplace here ?"

the answer I found on - "Creators offering free or paid products across UE Marketplace, Sketchfab, and the ArtStation Marketplace will be able to continue selling on those platforms during Fab’s Alpha period. Later this year, UE Marketplace, Quixel, Sketchfab, and ArtStation Marketplace will all roll up into one destination: Fab. Many of their product features will be integrated into Fab to create a unified experience that brings together our best features and creator communities." 

What does it mean "Will all roll up into one destination"? does it mean that there will be no Arstation Marketplace anymore?  or Artstation marketplaces' content will be featured also in 

I don’t even know what to expect, is it for the better or not?

how is this transformation going to be done?

and what will happen to the system familiar to us, on which we have been working for several years? 

There are a lot of questions that are not clear to me at this moment since, I have been an active creator on this platform for a very long time, and it's my full-time job, maybe it will be better to give creators like me, more detailed information to know what to expect from Arstation in future.?