General / 03 September 2023

Hey there, amazing community!

We're thrilled to see that you've been enjoying our latest pack, "Femme Fatale." Your warm feedback means the world to us seriously, you've made our day! 😊

We've been listening to what you're saying and we're excited to announce that we've started work on a second pack. You guessed it, it's going to be loaded with even more high-quality photos featuring the same captivating model, and of course, those fantastic poses you loved!

We know how important the right resources are for your creative process, whether you're a game developer, a visual artist, or just someone who loves to make art. We're committed to delivering the absolute best for you.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your notifications on this new pack is going to drop sooner than you think (During this Sale) !

 We're rolling up our sleeves and diving right in to make sure this next pack is as stellar as the last one, if not better. 😉

Cheers, and stay awesome, Mels & Team

Let us know what kind of stuff you want to see in the future.