General / 28 February 2024

As you where asking Guys, here it is, Reference Pictures with KEY Lighting 📸

In previous BLog post i saw that you where asking of single light source , key lighting system in future packs  references , and here it is!!! Part 1 of 2 

👩 The Art Poses Female Reference Pictures 1000+ collection offers just that—a meticulously curated selection of over 1000 high-quality images designed to inspire artists, illustrators, and creatives across the spectrum.

Adding an element of drama and narrative poses with props like 🔪knives and metal sticks introduces a new layer of complexity and intrigue to your ARTWORK.

🚶‍♀️This collection stands out for its broad range of poses, encompassing classic stances, captivating pin-up poses, dynamic movements, and even action-oriented poses with props like knives and metal sticks.

Quality is paramount in a reference image, and the Art Poses Female Reference Pictures 1000+ collection delivers.