General / 09 April 2024

We Want to Hear from You: Shaping Our Next Reference Photo Collection Together!

🖐️ Hey Guys

As we continue on our journey to bring your imagination to life with every stroke, sketch, and shade, we're pausing for a moment to turn the spotlight onto you. Yes, you! Our vibrant community of 👨‍🎨 Artists, Designers, and Dreamers has always been the heartbeat of our project, inspiring us to curate collections that spark creativity and bring your visions to life.

Today, we're reaching out with an open canvas, eagerly inviting your thoughts and wishes for our next collection of reference photos.📸 This is your chance to share your desires, needs, and dreams about the themes, characters, poses, and styles that excite you the most.

What's Your Vision? 🤔

  • Themes & Stories: Are there specific worlds you're yearning to explore through your art?            Tell us what themes captivate your imagination. 💭

  • Characters That Call to You: Do you find yourself sketching heroes of ancient lore, or are you drawn to the villains that lurk in shadowy corners? Share the characters you're most passionate about bringing to life. 

  • Poses That Propel Your Work: From the dynamic thrust of combat to the delicate balance of dance, the right pose can elevate your art to new heights. What movements and moments do you find most challenging or rewarding to capture? Let us know the poses that you wish to see in our next collection.

  • Styles That Speak: 👗 Clothing does more than adorn; it tells a story, sets a scene, and defines a character. From the intricate folds of historical garb to the sleek lines of futuristic fashion, what styles of clothing do you wish to drape over your characters? Are there specific eras, cultures, or fashion trends that inspire your palette?

✍️ Drop your thoughts, dreams, and wishes in the comments below or send us a direct message. Every voice matters, and every suggestion brings us closer to a collection that truly reflects the diversity and depth of our artistic community.

We can't wait to hear from you and to see where your imagination will take us next!

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