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GUN GIRL Female reference pictures with weapons 


Embark on an empowering visual journey with our "Gun Girl" Female Reference Pictures collection, featuring a stunning array of images showcasing strength, skill, and fierce determination. This meticulously curated gallery captures dynamic poses of formidable female warriors armed with an assortment of weapons, providing a comprehensive resource for artists, designers, and enthusiasts.


1. Overview: Lavash-Layers is an intuitive and resourceful plugin designed for Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. It streamlines the process of managing and utilizing digital assets, including reference packs and various file formats, enhancing productivity and creativity in digital projects.

2. Key Features:

  • Asset Importing: Allows importing JPEG, PNG, GIF, and specialized ZIP files directly into the plugin. It streamlines asset management and enhances workflow efficiency.

  • Navigation Center: Features a user-friendly navigation center within the plugin, providing quick previews and file names for easy access and organization.

  • Search Engine: An integrated search engine enables users to quickly locate specific files without leaving their Adobe application, saving time and effort.

  • Keyword Tagging: Users can assign and save keywords to assets, simplifying future searches and retrieval of specific files.

  • Direct Website Access: A dedicated button to access the official website, where users can purchase additional assets and reference packs.

  • Lavash Layers Assistant GPT: An AI-powered assistant embedded within the plugin to help users find the exact references they need from the Marketplace.

  • Asset Management: A feature to access, edit, or delete previously imported ZIP files and assets, offering complete control over the digital assets used.

#gungirl #artanatomy #dynamicposes #fightingposes #dailysketching #referencepictures #femalephotos #femalebody #femaleposes 

#gungirl #artanatomy #dynamicposes #fightingposes #dailysketching #referencepictures #femalephotos #femalebody #femaleposes 

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